Mr C is one of the best and most famous cover bands in Finland. Since 1996
this Helsinki based group has been rocking the house with over a hundred
gigs per year. They have performed everywhere; big arenas, giant corporate
parties, night clubs, cruise-ships, VIP promotional tours... You name it!

Mr C's sound is unique and certainly a trademark sound only they are known
for. Guitar-driven party music that covers hits to fit every taste. The
lead singer Kimmo Blom - one of the most talented vocalists in Finland -
brings the heart and fire to the band. An entertainer with a capital E, he
makes the people dance, shout, jump - party like they've never before! Mr
C's setlist consists of hundreds of songs, for example music from the
following artists:
U2, Bon Jovi, The Police, Bryan Adams, Blink 182, Madonna, Billy Idol, Tom
Jones, Bob Marley, Shaggy, The Knack, Kylie Minoque, Rasmus, etc etc.

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